mystudio69 official site up and running

Wake up early this morning. Furnishing mystudio69 website since last 3 days. Now its up and running smoothly at actually all contents almost the same with the old one but i make it more simple and clean. So many complains from user that they confious and lost while browse through the old one.

And its more confious when there is a lot of add popup(i park at geocities before this..) I hope this time its getting better to get more hits and clients! Hope got free time to add more tutorial. Hope got more time to add tips on caricature. And also got free sketch for those who interest to get one! Enjoy! :)

Mr Jimmy Carter boring today, i donno why. May be because of routine of my work or may be because i am not enjoying all works that my boss assigned me! ekekekekeke....anyway here i post my old artwork, a caricature of mr jimmy carter.

I draw this caricature using derwent studio color pencil(blue grey 68). its not like other color pencil because i feel soo comfort when using it to do sketching on whatever paper surface especially paper that got rough texture. i am using syamal drawing pad 200gm.

New sketch - Emile Lahoud.

Hmm..this is my first post. Just want to share my newest sketch. Starting 2001 i do drawing seriously especially on caricature. For more samples please do visit my page at or (sorry, this site still under construction) but the is complete! hope you Enjoy!:)

<-- a caricature of Emile Lahoud , Lebanon's president in pencils. It takes about 25 minutes to finish. Scanning and touch up in computer. It is more easy to scan and edit in computer for hiliting and erase the unwanted dirts.:)