New Editorial Cartoon

half baked new editorial cartoon. manually scan and all the shading, dirts was done in photoshop. it's about a tussle in political parties regarding seat distributions...:)

24SEPT2011-ORGAN TRANSPLANT-page02 cartoon

Page 02 cartoon- Organ Transplant issue hi res Subject:page02 cartoon-organ transplant issue

Done on iPad

Try to do editorial cartoons all on iPad...look like everything is ok accept the speed. Hope to get all smooth and breeze on ipad 3! Also hope apple consider to insert-embedding iPad features on iMac!:)

Editorial Cartoon - Video Interviewing Room - MACC

editorial cartoon - more Video camera to be install in MACC interviewing room - just to make sure no false in interviewing process. manual sketch on A4 paper - scan at 200dpi and all the toning and touch up in photoshop.


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THIS ONE FOR New Straits Times - the newspaper that i work for - drawn manually using pitt charcoal on paper-scan at 300dpi and the lettering and toning done in photoshop

Editorial cartoon - to the olympicsos!

..missing the 's' -:) - editorial cartoons for local newspaper - about our football team chances to olympics. photoshop-painter and a lot of free texture.