Inspiring works of Caio Cesar

artwork/ image copyright remains to respective owner.

artwork - digital sculpting of CAIO CESAR - full utilise of ZBrush. - see more by yourself. Really inspiring! CAIO CESAR.

editorial cartoon - backstabber

story of backstabbing - backstabber - editorial cartoon - big smiley face in front - but kicking your ass back of you! eheks..what kind of friend is it? many of that species around...:) sketch on A4 plain paper - mechanical pencil 0.7 - scan at 200 dpi - color in photoshop - try to mimic watercolor...:)

STREETS cover - illegally superstitious..

cover for STREETS -about smuggling activities. they not just illegally enter our border but also bring with them many supernova - superstitious things...:)

Editorial Cartoon - Educations and Sports

editorial cartoon - published - may30, 2010- new sunday times - Datuk Zainul Zakaria column. Is about sports and educations - which one parent's took it as priority for their kids bright future. 
Sketch on A4 drawing pad - derwent sketh pencil - scan at 300dpi - background done manually - dirts and stain done in photoshop - custom brush. 1 hour rendering - office monitor (Mac) and home monitor seems like not 'sync' - final artwork seems like to be a bit darker - have to adjust it more clearly before published next time...

IRON MAN! - through Ayman's stroke

iron man through the Ayman's stroke - he love to draw - and always push me to put it on net after finishing every of his piece!:)

Inspirations - RUSS COOK

image copyright remain to the respective owner.
the artwork of Russ Cook - talented inspiring caricatur artist! follow the link - see and break your own jaw!

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Anwar Ibrahim - in progress...

pre painting of anwar ibrahim - artrage+photoshop - 5hours rendering - the background is created using artrage paint roller - instead of palette knife - anwar ibrahim on trial - malaysian politic scene is colorful!

My son -Ayman also luv drawing!

cool drawing from my 7 yrs old son - muhammad ayman . titled - ben10 - greymatter - he said to me to post his great drawing on net - :) here he is...

CARICATURE OF ROMAN POLANSKI - its photoshop and painter + artrage - why use 3 software? yup i can achieve this if i use only photoshop or painter alone - but i combine the three just to make it more natural - and it seems like to save my time! and artrage is FREE! - download it while its still free! the knife palette is superb!:)

Caricature of GORDON BROWN

caricature of gordon brown - former prime minister of britain - picture collage in photoshop - all toning also done in photoshop - and paint in painter10 - final touch Artrage2.5 - FREE edition.

Hulu Selangor by-election - and the winner is...

editorial cartoon - hulu selangor by-election - BN defeat pakatan - they bleed?
sketch on A3 printer paper 70mg - 2B pencil - scan at 200dpi - final touchup - stain and dirts -custom photoshop brush

Hulu Selangor By-Election

editorial cartoon - hulu selangor by-election campaign - use of computer-internet-blog - opposition use blog as rumor machine to tarnish their rivals candidate...said muhyiddin yasin - deputy prime minister .
sketch on A3 layout paper - blue vertigo derwent sketching pencil - scan at 200dpi - background done manually - all the dirts and stain using photoshop custom brush...

Thaksin Shinawatra and Abhisit Vejjajiva

caricature of Thaksin shinawatra and Abhisit vejjajiva. Prime minister and former prime minister. Thaksin supported by red t-shirt army already plunge thailand into crisis...

done in photoshop and painter11. - its photo manipulatin + at your hand - depend on you how to abuse it to the max! - as i am working with newspaper that always need all graphics in speedy time - this style really help me...:)