Tight assignment!

i am supposed to stay at home - i am off today - butcoz of our special focus on budget 2010 - everybody talk about it...naa..here i am..at my office. assignment for tomorrow frontpage - about tee keat will never leaving MCA! - marching proudly till the end.

- basic rough sketch base on photo in our stocks - (copyrights remain to the respective owner)

- a bit tough to do caricature of tee keat. hard to find point of recognitin on his face...but anyway after a couple of sketching and doodling..:) -

-and the final just to show ong tee keat marching forward proudly...

Final touch in photoshop - all toning using custom brush. artwork sketch with derwent studio sketching pencil-ivory black 67- scan at 200 dpi.


mystudio69.com - dead?

ong tee keat dan chua soi lek terusan berbalah  - siapa mau jadi no 1 mca? - ong tee keat and chua soi leek exchange fist - mca seems stranded somewhere...editorial cartoons for nst - published, sat 16oct09.

sketch on a3 layout paper - mechanical pencil 0.7, 2B nib. scan at 200dpi - background and splatter effect add in photoshop.

:) - after long halt....here i go again!

after long halt...due to...toooo many project to and want to do...this is my first post. two illustration showing before and after complete. fist pict showing raw scanning pict - manually sketch on A3 layput paper. sketch using mechanical pencil 0.7 2B nib.

second pict showing the complete editorial cartoon ready for publish. all toning done in photoshop - background manually done and scan at 300 dpi.