another concept illustrations..

Two more samples of my business illustrations concept. sketch manually on A4 paper using derwent sketch pencil. scan at 300dpi and color fully in photoshop 7.0.
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new illustrations

New illustrations - concept illustrations - 3rd batch submissions to after struggling a couple months back to do about 30 illustrations last...i can smile big. all done on schedule.
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Sketch of Diluc - Argentinian caricature artist

A sketch for Diluc - Argentinian Caricature Artist. Its a good site - offer a challenge to draw famous people every month...check it out.
Sketch on A4 paper using derwent color pencil - Blue Grey. 25 minutes to finish.
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A F*EE Sketch project!

Hello world!:)
i just created new blog for free sketch sessions. :) everybody are more than welcome to submit their photo to me to be sketch. its F*REE! why wait? hop in to myfreesketchblog . This is one of samples that i do. This is for Sandy from Puerto Rico. luv her smile!:)
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Its Almost A Year!

Its almost a year since my last update about this blog!:( So very busy with my day works untill got no time to updates a couple of my blog relates to drawing/sketch caricature and illustrations. Mystudio69 is upn running smoothly...and today i do illustrations and sketchingand drawing fulltime at my studio at home. I quit my dayjob as graphic designer about 2 months ago - march 2007. Feel happy and freely to struggle with my passion...:) Good luck to me!

Please browse thru mystudio69 for more updates!