Editorial Cartoon - Video Interviewing Room - MACC

editorial cartoon - more Video camera to be install in MACC interviewing room - just to make sure no false in interviewing process. manual sketch on A4 paper - scan at 200dpi and all the toning and touch up in photoshop.


get your own portrait-from picture- i do 'painting' from your picture to create beautiful painting of you and family!- special offer from july till september 2011- for more infor please check: beliprints.blogspot.com


THIS ONE FOR New Straits Times - the newspaper that i work for - drawn manually using pitt charcoal on paper-scan at 300dpi and the lettering and toning done in photoshop

Editorial cartoon - to the olympicsos!

..missing the 's' -:) - editorial cartoons for local newspaper - about our football team chances to olympics. photoshop-painter and a lot of free texture.