EDITORIAL CARTOON - step on step..:)

step by step of my editorial cartoon - rough sketch done on recycle computer form - damn good paper! - it works beautifully with pencil - mechanical or derwent sketching pencil - sketch takes approximately about 15 minutes - have to do everything fast and simple coz its a newspaper! everything rushing and feel like running - scan at 200dpi grayscale.

lettering - shading - all done in photoshop. all process - 2 hrs. Na can go for break - for a sip of cigarette! - what a wonderfull day!


THIS is the process that i do to produce my daily editorial cartoons for local newspaper where i work for. Rough sketch done manually using Derwent sketching pencil on computer form paper. - dot matrix printer paper. it's best when you do the sketch on this type of paper.

then the sketch was scan at 200dpi grayscale - open it in photoshop and all the process - toning - sahodow and the dirts - all done in photoshop including the ballon and the text.

it takes me about 1 hour to finish this piece...simple - clear - and direct to the point messages.

- enjoy! - have a good day!

latest cartoons...editorial propose...REject!

pencil sketch for the editorial . it's a monkey hand actually...donno whether my sketchs match the monkey hand. monkey with a molotov cocktail bomb in hand...

..here is the final one. enhanced in photoshop... all the toning and the dirts done using photoshop custom brush. artwork scan at 200dpi - grayscale. - i am trying to emphasize on an idiot act..stupis act when people deal with sensitive issue...although monkey also not do like this...just to say that all stupid acts - not human - it's a monkey act! - soo sorry to all monkey outside! :)